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    Our services are now delivered through Wiliot as part of the company's desire to build meaningful relationships with its customers.


    Steve Statler has worked for over 30 years for leading technology companies from Qualcomm, IBM, Intel and a range of startups. In that time he has run consulting, sales, marketing, technical marketing, strategy and engineering teams as large as 100 people. We partner with leading providers of hardware, software and software development to deliver complete solutions.


    Strategy can be as simple as agreeing the steps required to achieve a business objective. A good strategy is based on insightful analysis and informed creative problem solving, applied in a realistic way. It requires expertise in a broad set of business, technical and organizational domains. The process at its best brings groups together and extends from inception through to execution.


    Our services that relate to this process include analysis, workshop facilitation, document creation, collaboration as a subject matter expert, presenting at board level and ensuring organizations execute on what has been agreed.

    Solution Design

    Solution design includes: stakeholder interviews, workshops, strategy, requirements analysis, business development, partnering, user experience design, technology and architecture design.


    Our experience includes designing a broad range of solutions: business intelligence, cloud payments, carbon offsets, Bluetooth beacon deployment. The deliverables include the resulting product or service, documentation and intellectual property or patents. 


    We love sharing knowledge. In the past we have created and delivered a range of training courses from sales product training, data warehouse design, UNIX systems management and writing device drivers. Our current offering is a comprehensive Bluetooth beacon curriculum.


    Our Bluetooth beacon course has been delivered to MBA classes, as an open enrollment course and customized for individual enterprises. It includes everything you need to get up to speed with both business and technical aspects of the Beacosystem. Our best selling book on Beacon Technology is based on the curriculum for the course.

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    Our clients include San Diego International Airport and T-Mobile, through to manufacturers, system integrators, niche technology providers and a variety of beacon startups.