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    Our digital and physical worlds are converging

    Understand the capabilities and limitations of what can be done + the structure of the emerging ecosystem

  • Rich Content

    A book so rich in content, you will need a glass of milk while you read it.

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    * Thanks to Sean O'Sullivan, CEO of LocalSocial for letting us use the term he coined, "Beacosystem". Our book is not connected (other than via serendipity) with Aisle Labs' excellent report The Hitchhikers Guide to iBeacon Hardware .

  • What's inside the Hitchhiker's Guide

    Checkout these select pages from Beacon Technologies: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Beacosystem

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    Chapter 7 - Choosing the Right Beacon

    In this chapter we lay out 28 factors you need to understand before making a strategic decision on which beacon commit to.

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    Chapter 6 - Chipsets – Understanding the Main Building Block Within a Beacon

    We introduce the key players in this space and explain the implications of the chipset inside your beacon.

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    Chapter 13 - Understanding Beacon Networks

    Beacon networks will shape the future of this industry. We explain what's happening, the differences between the three main types of beacon network being built and tell the story of seven networks that are leading the industry.

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    Chapter 16 - Alternative technologies: VLC, UWB, Magnetic Resonance, WiFi Tags, Machine Vision

    Beacons are one tool in the Real Time Location Systems tool chest. As Robert De Niro said "The talent is in the choices.".  We explain many of the alternative technology's strengths and weaknesses.

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    Chapter 15 - Understanding The Integration of Mobile, Beacons and Out-of-Home Media 

    Out of Home Advertising is a key application for Beacons. Two leaders in this space explain OOH, the seven features that distinguish it, the five stages of integration, plus recommendations and issues for this business.

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    Chapter 11 - Designing with Privacy In Mind

    Getting privacy right is critical to the success of beacon businesses. What does the law say? The leading privacy lawyer in the proximity marketing space reviews what you need to know.


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