• What is the Mr. Beacon Podcast?

    We have produced over 100 episodes of the Mr. Beacon podcast, interviewing leaders in the IoT, in particular, those offering location-aware solutions. The show is distributed on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and iTunes audio podcast. It has established itself as a resource that people use when they are researching a new solution, often at the time of purchase.


    Our interviewees range from companies like Cisco, Aruba, Google, and the Bluetooth SIG, to venues like San Diego International Airport, Broadway Theaters, and the CEOs of most of the key beacon companies: Estimote, Kontakt.io and BlueCats.

    What is the podcast like?

    Viewers like our thoughtful in-depth conversations. We make it fun. The toughest question is the warm-up, ("Which three songs would you choose that mean something special to you?").


    As an independent commentator, Steve Statler has written articles for GeoMarketing, StreetFight and have been quoted in the Wall Street Journal. The podcast is a continuation of the research interviews for his Amazon five star rated book Beacon Technologies: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Beacosystem.


    Since moving from being an independent consultant to run Marketing & Business Development at Wiliot, Wiliot has become a sponsor, allowing us to upgrade the production values and promotion with professional support.


    The podcast isn’t a mass-market program. The reason we get repeat interviews with CEOs and SMEs at Fortune 100 tech first is the fair, intelligent, constructive and objective tone of the interviews and the nature of the audience we attract. Our episodes rank very highly in search engine results because of the in-depth of content and are viewed by people when they are researching a technology for a new enterprise or specific project. Think of us as a comparable channel to a speaking engagement at an industry conference. Companies often include our episodes on their websites.

  • How It Works



    Determine who is the best fit for the conversation at your company



    Let us know you availability for scheduling the interview



    Review the below guidelines on how to prepare for the interview

  • Interviewee Guidelines

    Here are a few points to consider to make the most of the interview and to make you look and sound great.


    1. Camera - Try to use a modern device, something with an HD camera and enough horsepower and connectivity bandwidth to avoid dropped frames and freezes. Make sure the camera doesn’t have smudges on it and is clean.  Please test your setup in advance so we can get into our conversation without stress.
    2. Connect - To avoid a last-minute delay, you should make sure you have the Chrome browser installed in advance of the day of the interview.  We will include a URL for the web application that we use to record high-quality video and sound in the calendar invitation for the interview.  We use a product called Riverside.fm which records the show locally to your hard drive and uploads it to the cloud.  There will be a low-fi video and audio connection so we can chat freely.  After the show, it may take a few minutes to complete the upload.  Just leave your browser while the transfer is made.
    3. Sound - Find a quiet place to locate your computer - ideally a room with no other people around.  Please wear a headset - the regular Apple headset works fine.  This will eliminate any echo and ensure the audio is clear.
    4. Silence - your phone and turn off notifications on your laptop
    5. Light - Make sure your face is well lit and that it is clear on camera.  The best lighting is the natural kind.  If you can, face into the window, this is best. 
    6. Angle - Try to position the camera on your device so that it's at eye level.  Laptops on your desk should ideally be elevated with boxes to avoid a shot up your nose and of the ceiling behind you.
    7. Eye line - Try to have the Skype window showing your caller (me) as near to the camera as you can and try to look at the camera when we talk.  
    8. Background - Try to make sure the background of the shot doesn’t upset the camera exposure and represents you well.  Having lights and other windows in the background can mess with the exposure.  Avoid trash and bags that may distract viewers.  Feel free to place your company’s logo on a sign.
    9. Props - If you have a product or a physical offering - bring some samples along so we can do some show and tell in your introduction.
    10. Don’t anticipate - We sometimes share some of the topics or questions we are interested in asking about but please don’t anticipate the questions and get into a monolog.  Feel comfortable with short answers.

    Relax & have fun

    • Forget items 1-10.  
    • Don’t worry.  
    • While we will try to go without stopping, we can cut out bloopers.  
    • Let’s try to tell stories.  
    • Use specific examples.  
    • If we can get into a natural conversation the viewers will enjoy it a lot more.  
    • Feel free to disagree, argue, tease, vent, enthuse and talk about personal experiences if you feel like it.
    • We use the “Which three songs would you choose that mean something special to you?” question and discussion about the interviewee's career to get warmed up at the beginning of our chat, and then transpose your answers to the end of the broadcast after the credits as an “Easter egg”.  It’s the hardest question, so give it some thought in advance. 


    Please provide a professional "head shot" and let us know your Twitter handle and that of your firm, we will use them when we publish the video.