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Sustainable Fashion Using IoT Pixels


· Sustainability

This week we’re talking about the circular economy and the process of making fashion more sustainable with auto-ID technology. We’ve brought on Tom Cridland, who is a fashion designer, podcaster, and musician who has created a new clothing line with a 30-year guarantee in order to promote more sustainability in the fashion and clothing space.

We discuss the impact of auto-ID in the fashion industry, and how Bluetooth tags in clothing could be implemented to improve supply chains as well as creating a used market for clothing. We also hear Tom’s experiences with Elton John and his band, and what ultimately inspired him as a musician and fashion designer.

In this clip, Cridland i  about creating a more sustainable form of fashion with auto-ID technology. Imagine companies like Uber, DoorDash, or Airbnb, but for clothes. That’s what this technology could bring to fashion.

How has he managed to guarantee that his clothes will last 30 years? And what other clothing brands inspired him? Find out in this clip from the Mr. Beacon Podcast.