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Reusable Packaging: Transforming Supply Chains & Business Models with IoT


· Sustainability

This week we’ve brought on Tim Debus, who is the President and CEO of The Reusable Packaging Association, to talk about the various benefits businesses can realize when they turn to sustainable, reusable packaging. Tim’s focus is on transportation and distribution packaging (such as bins, crates, etc.), which is an area primed for disruption and improvement.

Combined with auto-ID technology, reusable packaging is sure to change the supply chain industry as a whole, making the experience better (and more lucrative) for both buyers and sellers alike.  Enjoy this conversation as we cover everything from grocery stores, clothing supply chains, and the circular economy as a whole.

In this clip, we’re talking with Tim Debus about reusable packaging and the difference between closed loop and open loop supply chains. We also discuss the implications of the circular economy as an economic model and what it means for this industry.  

In this clip, we're talking about the impact of combining auto-ID technology with reusable packaging. This has the opportunity to impact many industries, including apparel, pharmaceutical, and grocery stores alike.