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Indoor Location Solutions for COVID Safety


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Before COVID, ‘social distancing’ and contact tracing’ were not common household topics, but now we consider them daily....

They have been serious guiding principles reshaping how we conduct our lives in order to decrease our risk from the virus. The ability to manage social distancing can be key to businesses being able to operate or not. Addressing this need has changed the shape of many technology companies’ offerings. This week we are thrilled to have Bruce Krulwich, of Grizzly Analytics, back on the Mr. Beacon Podcast in light of his most recent report, ’25 Indoor Location Solutions for Social Distancing and Contact Tracing’. Bruce highlights that there is a distinct difference in approach to Indoor Locationing in the COVID era: a shift from measuring the proximity of people to things, to measuring proximity between people. In this episode, we sift through the many different technologies in the indoor location space - like UWB, Bluetooth, Smartphones, and sound waves, to understand their strengths and weaknesses in terms of cost, battery, precision, and ease of use.