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IoT & The Circular Economy


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Imagine if there was a way to pay for the product, but not the packaging. A way to avoid paying 20%-30% more per unit imposed by purchasing in smaller formats and simultaneously help save the planet. Imagine if, thanks to IoT technology, the packaging can be used as a mechanism to pay for the product.

Meet Algramo, a company trying to introduce a new way to buy. Algramo calls on us to ‘buy your last packaging’, a smart reusable container with a refill service that comes right to your door! Brian Bauer, responsible for Circular Economy and Alliances, explains that Algramo means ‘by the gram’ in Spanish, and that they have been serving the community in Chile and have plans to scale to New York City in the next few weeks. Today, they are working with Unilever to provide a laundry detergent service, with plans to extend to dog food with Purina. Join us this week to learn about circular economy and the technology behind Algramo’s revolutionary way to buy.