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The Future of Supply Chain - Connected, Continuous and Demand Signal Driven


· RTLS,location technology,Cloud

Where are the dark spots in your supply chain?

How could your business transform with digital twin of your supply chain? We are talking about continuous, real time location, condition, and contextual data, when you need it.

In 2014, a team of Silicon Valley veterans built a cloud system that bridges the physical and digital worlds. Cloudleaf’s vision is to ‘take a radical new approach to unlock the massive value within supply chains, and transform them into more powerful, data-driven strategic assets’ using IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and advanced analytics. This week we sit down with Mahesh Veerina, CEO of Cloudleaf to learn how continuous visibility leads to continuous intelligence. All this allows you to move faster and make more informed decisions. Tune in to get the inside scope on the business justification for investing in real time visibility and sensing – what the ROI is on tagging everything, adding in the reading systems, and all the changes in processes.