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IoT Analytics & SAS’ Event Stream Processing


· IoT,Analytics

SAS’ vision of transforming ‘a world of data into a world of intelligence’ seems more relevant than ever with the incredible and seemingly endless amount of data we are producing with the Internet of Things. For those who aren’t familiar with SAS, they are one of the largest software companies today, providing a suite of analytics solutions, of which 92% if the Fortune 100 companies use to help access, manage, analyze and report on data to aid in decision-making. This week on the Mr. Beacon Podcast, we are working from home with Saurabh Mishra, who heads up Product Management at SAS for their Internet of Things offerings. In this episode, we talk all things SAS: their company culture, what offerings drive their business, the evolution that brought about the Internet of Things division, and the real life use cases they are solving today in transportation, manufacturing, retail, and supply chain.


2:14 What is SAS?
5:20 Company Culture
9:32 Revenue Model
13:39 Analytics Delivery Methods
16:34 IoT Analytics
21:35 Distributing Analytics in an IoT Environment
25:50 IoT in Manufacturing
32:18 Event Stream Processing Platform
41:30 IoT in Supply Chain Logistics
43:01 IoT in Retail
47:25 Closing Thoughts