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Bluetooth COVID 19 Contact Tracing 


· Bluetooth

How are we going to deal with the pandemic at hand, and how do we return to ‘normal’?  

These are the questions at the forefront of our minds. Bluetooth may have an answer. Companies, like Estimote, from the first signs of trouble, have been taking measures to transform their existing technology to help in the era of COVID-19. Last time on the podcast, we talked with Jakub Kryzch, CEO of Estimote, about their new product, the LTE beacon. This time he is back to tell us about an innovative spin on that same product which now has the goal of providing a safer and healthier workplace environment through contact traceability. This product, worn around the neck or clipped to a belt, can anonymously and privately help individuals keep their social distance with lights and sounds, as well as help track back when individuals have potentially been exposed. While essential businesses, for example food and drug production, are the targets today to help increase the safety of their workplace, these type of technology pivots could be our hope when restarting the economy after this quarantine period. Tune in to see a demonstrations of Estimote’s Bluetooth contact tracing solution which is shipping now to companies in need, and how this relates to the other options for contact tracing.