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The Internet of Robots


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When we thought of the year 2020, many of us may have thought we would be flying in our cars and getting our coffee served to us by robots...

While we are still working on getting the wings working on our cars, Brain Corp is steadily driving us towards seeing more robots in our daily life. This week on Mr. Beacon, we sit down with Dave Ross, VP of Business Development at Brain Corp, to discuss how robots are changing the industry today, and plans to revolutionize many of the places we visit frequently like the grocery store and airports. Founded in 2009 by a world renowned computational neuroscientist, Brain Corp is the world’s leading technology provider for the autonomous floor care market, with over 10,000 BrainOS-powered active cleaning machines and many more shipped, getting ready for action. While Brain Corp is focused on the world’s largest commercial autonomous fleet of cleaning robots, they are also planning for a future that includes many other services other than cleaning up the split juice on aisle 12. Cameras and radios (such as Bluetooth) built into these robots, can enable many other use cases like notifying out of stocks, locating items, and creating location and temperature maps, to name a few.