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Privacy Insights in the Era of COVID-19


· Privacy

By 2023, those subject to a national privacy law will increase from 10% to 65%. Is this frightening or reassuring? What does it mean to us as entrepreneurs and as individuals?

This week, we have a fascinating conversation with Trevor Hughes, President and CEO, of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, or IAPP. The IAPP is seeing exponential growth, with 57,000 members amongst its ranks and adding up to 1,000 new members a month. These include the giants like Amazon, Walmart, and Deloitte. IAPP is the ‘world’s largest and most comprehensive global information privacy community’. They put on conferences, and act as a resource for knowledge assets and certification. In this episode, we delve into why privacy compliance is essential and the financial risk of getting it wrong, up to a staggering 2% of global revenue in fines for violations. Peeling back another layer of the onion, privacy has a become a brand issue, with more people associating the word ‘privacy’ with the word ‘trust’. Trevor Hughes describes privacy as being measured on a ‘continuum of expectation’. Tune in to hear the discussion on how privacy can actually accelerate technological progress and innovation, how privacy differs through cultures and generations, as well as the implications of COVID-19 on privacy standards.