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Lessons and Growth in Bluetooth Angle of Arrival & Departure


· Angle of Arrival,Bluetooth

A few weeks ago we heard about the new Bluetooth 5.1 specification, and notably two new exciting features: Angle of Arrival (AoA) and Angle of Departure (AoD). This week we are reunited with a familiar face, Fabio Belloni, to bring these features to life using Quuppa technology. Fabio Belloni is the Chief Customer Officer at Quuppa, a location platform that has pioneered AoA for RTLS solutions. In this episode, Fabio takes us through a demo of the reverse architecture, Angle of Departure (AoD), at their annual Quuppa Partner Conference. Rather than real-time location applications, AoD is best used for indoor positioning and navigation. We then take some time to get updated on the last year at Quuppa, including their announcement of the new family of Quuppa products, and discuss what the future landscape of this Bluetooth specification.