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Bluetooth Tags in Ice Hockey Pucks


· location technology

This one is for the sports fans!

Liiga, or Finnish Elite League in English, is the top professional league in Finland, and the first be deploying Bluetooth technology in an ice rink! Antti Jussi, CDO of Liiga, joins us to talk about the real-time positioning project in their arenas. Antti paints a picture of Quuppa gateways with angle of arrival technology hanging from the ceilings which track Bluetooth tags on players and the puck with incredible accuracy. For the first time, teams and players are given the opportunity to dive into the data and statistics that can be collected by this system, whether it be to improve the teams flow together, their individual performance, or to look at the competition. Check out this week’s episode to learn more about the potential for Bluetooth beacons to enhance the sports industry and the challenges in initial investment as well as implementation.