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Proxbook is the new and definitive crowd-sourced directory of players in the proximity solution ecosystem.

In the past, we have called this market the beacon ecosystem or “Beacosystem.” We think that Proximity Solution Provider (PSP) is a more inclusive name for the players in this space. While Bluetooth beacons, and in particular iBeacons, have been the catalyst for this market, the space is about a lot more than that.

This ecosystem is about digital to physical convergence; it’s a major on-ramp for the Internet of Things; it’s a mash up of beacons, GPS, NFC, RFID, Visual Light Communication, WiFi, magnetic resonance, and more.

That’s a lot of acronyms. But these are all tools with strengths and weaknesses that sit beneath layers of software and services that have formed as a result of a beacon induced tsunami of innovation and venture capital. Those layers include messaging, campaign management, analytics, fleet management, and, of course, apps.

Specifically, Proxbook is about hundreds of companies that we will cover in the directory. That’s hundreds of highly determined businesses with CEOs, VCs, engineers, partners, and customers.

The Proximity Information Economy

Market efficiency and growth requires information. Entrepreneurs and investors need to know whom they can partner with, whom they are competing with, and where the gaps are. As vendors, our biggest competitor is the status quo, or the decision to wait or do nothing.

Customers need to know that they are investing their reputation and capital in a market that is robust, competitive, and has options. They need to find the right suppliers to meet the expectation they are setting with their stakeholders.

As a market, we need these customer projects to succeed, otherwise proximity becomes a fad, 2015’s “pet rock.”

When I moved to San Diego to work at Qualcomm, there were a number of surprises that the “relo” company didn’t mention. There were the scorpions, the tarantulas, and the wild fires.

On the positive side, there was the beer.

Under the Influence

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