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Skin Wearable Technology - Idion


· Wearable,Identification

We all can relate to the feeling of an uncomfortable wristband, one that was fastened too tight, continuously scratching our wrists, or even too loose and falling off altogether.

Personal identification, whether it be in healthcare, hospitality, or recreation, has yet to see many improvements either for the user or provider. Idion aims to change this by creating a skin-applied, hypoallergenic, and flexible personal identifier and platform using radio frequency technology. Michael Gilvary, co-founder and COO, partnered with Dr. Peter Costantino, Chair of Head and Neck Surgery at Northwell to design this revolutionary solution. For patients/users, Idion can provide a comfortable, safe method of identification with an additional value-add of aiding the user with relevant and personalized information, education, and services like navigation. For healthcare providers, this skin-applied solution offers a way of overcoming the significant problems associated with misidentification in hospitals and can provide ways of optimizing access control and logistics. In hospitality and recreation, Idion offers a new channel with a revenue-generating opportunity, offering upgrades, promotions, and prizes to the users and also providing valuable data and analytics in return to the providers.

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