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Forkbeard - Indoor Positioning with Ultra-Sound


· location technology,ultra sound,indoor location

IoT insiders know that Bluetooth is not just the wireless technology that we know and use on a daily basis, but also the nick-name of the late Danish king and great communicator, Harald Bluetooth.

Forkbeard, Bluetooth’s son, known for his navigational expertise is a perfect name for the company we are talking with today. Forkbeard combines the best of Bluetooth and ultra-sound technology enabling the centimeter-level accuracy needed for useful services and movement insights in indoor environments. Join us as we sit down with Wilfred Booij, CTO of Forkbeard, to learn how they are achieving thier mission of taking the GPS revolution indoors. We will talk accuracy, latency, size, and functionality of ultra sound, as well as a side by side comparison to other positioning technologies.