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Digital to Physical – The GS1 Digital Link standard


· Identification

This week on Mr. Beacon, we welcome back Dominque Guinard, CTO of Evrything, this time in his capacity as co-chair of the GS1 Digital Link Standard.

The GSI Digital Link is defined as a “standard for web-enabling barcodes promises to enhance the shopping experience for consumers around the globe, while strengthening brand loyalty, improving supply chain traceability and efficiencies and bringing mobile phone scanning into the 21st century”. Today products are tagged for many reasons: compliance, marketing/consumer engagement, supply chain, … The digital link standard allows all of this data to be combined into one URL that can be used at any point in the product life cycle. Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN), or more commonly recognized as barcodes, are something we may see every day but as a consumer, we don’t have any connection or use for them. The digital link aims to change this by moving these numbers to the web and allowing everyone to interact with them. Beyond the information used in the supply chain, consumers can have a direct link to things like product information and content, expiration dates, nutritional data, warranty registration, or discount offers. Brands can now use QR code, radio-frequency identification (RFID), near-field communication (NFC), and even Bluetooth to deliver information to their customers. Listen in to find out more.