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IoT and Apparel


· Apparel,IoT

Something we talk about often on the Mr. Beacon Podcast is physical to digital convergence. The world of fashion is no stranger to this phenomenon.

Apparel now has its own identity and retailers are creating experiences with IoT devices and augmented reality. The blending of fashion and technology is something our guest, Barry McGeough, has seen and been involved in first hand. Barry worked with Dr. Martins, at North Face, Speedo, and founder and former head of innovation at PVH: a portfolio of iconic brands such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and IZOD. In this episode, we talk about why brands have to be more consumer-centric than ever, the effects of online shopping, and the pros and cons of different technologies such as RFID, QR Codes, and Bluetooth beacons in apparel.