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Trends in the Bluetooth Beacon Market - BlueUp


· Bluetooth,Beacons,industrial IoT,asset tracking,Eddystone

Meet the leading designer and maker of Bluetooth beacons in Italy, BlueUp.

Partnered with Quuppa for next-generation angle-of-arrival location, and supporting iBeacon and Eddystone, BlueUp offers beacons of all shapes and sizes, gateways, along with software and cloud services. As the number of beacons grow and they gain more and more visibility, new applications constantly appear and are even changing the way we talk about “beacons” or “tags”. This week we talk with Alessio Cucini, who has seen the evolution of the beacon market since launching BlueUp in 2014. Optimistic about the direction of the beacon market, Alessio discusses the shift in applications and terminology, iBeacon versus Eddystone, and encryption versus static IDs.

Battery-free Bluetooth Tags