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Building the Web of Things – Evrythng


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Most people these days are familiar with the Internet of Things, at least in concept – but when we speak of the web of things, we are speaking of an entirely different, though related issue.

On this episode of Mr. Beacon, Stephen talks with Dominique Guinard, CTO of Evrythng, a company that helps brands create and establish digital links with their products. There are many reasons for this kind of technological integration into physical products and the two of them discuss the issues behind a unique identifier approach to product development and distribution.

When we speak about the internet of things we are primarily discussing the way different services or tools can be connected with each other in order to operate more efficiently or easily for the end user. But when we talk about the web of things we are speaking more about the realm of physical products. Clothes, Pharmaceuticals, automobiles all fall into the category of items that could be enhanced via identification technology. Dom Guinard is an expert when it comes to this kind of technological integration into products and in this conversation, he reveals why the product suppliers of the world are likely headed in the direction of unique identifiers for every individual product they produce.

Dominique Guinard believes the day is coming when every product manufacturer will be implementing the technologies that enable them to connect to their individual products digitally. There are many benefits to this kind of connection, including inventory accuracy, authenticity verification, consumer protections, marketing data retrieval, and product use cases, among others. But at this point, unique digital identities for every product produced is still a very difficult thing to attain, primarily because of costs. But Dom is optimistic that the cost factor may be changing. Find out more on this episode of Mr. Beacon.