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The Tipping Point

Amazon Best Seller status changes hourly, so we are savoring some major milestones.

It seems strange that a book that hasn't yet been released can be a "best seller", but it turns out that it can.  Amazon tracks pre-orders of books that are "Hot New Releases", and our book, "Beacon Technologies ...", has been showing up at the top of that list in a number of categories.  We have been number one in two of our book's Amazon US categories and today we are honored similarly by  

The UK store files our book in different categories to the US site.  The UK category which we hit #1 in is "Network Topics", which seems to be one of the best ways of categorizing the subject we write about, given there is no "proximity and location" or "beacon" category.  In our book, we discuss the future of beacon technology being at it's most potent when these devices are organized into "networks".

The other category we are listed in is "Philosophy of Science".   As someone whose academic training was in science but who is the son of two philosophers (recipients of degrees in the subject) I welcome that label.  It speaks to some of the more whimsical digressions in the book.  We are only #3 in the Hot New Releases list for this category, but the thing that made my day was seeing who else's work is listed on the same page.  Like many, many readers I'm a fan of Malcolm Gladwell.  His books such as "The Tipping Point" combine great insights and a gift for clear and engaging prose.  To be on the same Amazon page as him is head spinning.  Thank you to all of you "pre-purchase readers" who made it possible.

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