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Mr. Beacon Sits down With Mr. Supply Chain


· IoT

Suddenly, supply chain wonks are the most-in demand experts of the moment, and given that we were privileged to have the opportunity to grab Bob Trebilcock and get his perspective.  Where is the global supply chain now - how broken is it, really?? - and where we are headed.  

It’s a wide-ranging conversation that ranges from the intersection of IoT and supply chain - a subject near and dear to Mr. Beacon’s heart - to how adoption of an “omni channel supply chain” will separate winners and losers.  And lots in-between.  

We guarantee Bob’s insights will make you smarter, and you will read every article about the shortage of semiconductors and paper towel in a fresh new light.

We’ll wind up talking about supply chain in another direction - what elements of Bob’s career supplied him with the greatest experience, and what music supplies him with the greatest joy.

In this clip, we’re talking with Bob Trebilcock who is the editorial director at Supply Chain Management Review, about the current state of the supply chain, what’s causing all the issues, and more.