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Superpower for Pallets - How Returnable Transport Items Can Help Save the World


· Retail


This week we are joined by Mattan David, the UK Managing Director of Digipal, an innovator in the next generation of plastic pallets. We discuss how sustainable plastic pallets -  as well as trackable ones - are game-changers. Years of coping with the limits of RFID tracking - clumsily monitoring movement as pallets enter and leave storage facilities - is being replaced by the superpower of Bluetooth tracking? Learn how this newer technology will transform the way Digipal - and others - keep track of their pallets and prevent loss or theft of goods.

We’re rapidly entering a new era where returnable transport items are never lost or held up in transport.

In this clip, we’re talking with Mattan David, UK Managing Director of Digipal, about how his company is turning shipping companies into data providers. So what technology are they leveraging to do just that?