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Real Time Location Systems in Healthcare



Midmark is the 100+ year old company that “we all know, but don’t know”. The last time you were at the doctors or dentist, you were probably sitting on one of their chairs or tables, and most likely surrounded by many of the products they produce like cabinetry, lighting, and diagnostic equipment. HT describes Midmark as the market leader in providing “everything you need to outfit a medical environment”. HT Snowday, VP of Innovation and Technology Development at Midmark, joins us today to talk about how Midmark is also in the business of Real Time Location Systems (RTLS). This week we get a different perspective, a customer-orientated view, of RTLS technology in one of the largest organizations in healthcare. Join in to hear about the different technologies they use in a variety of healthcare use cases, such as asset tracking, device management, patient/caregiver management, and work flow processes.