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Addressing the IoT Security Challenge


· IoT

How do you make the IoT secure? What happens when you don’t? What are some of the most powerful IoT companies doing to address those questions?

The ioXt Alliance believes in building a safer IoT world. They believe this world can be made possible through an alliance built on establishing security standards, shaping public policy, and compliance through testing and certification. This week we talk to Brad Ree, the CTO of The ioXt Alliance. This international standard for IoT security was brought to life by some of the tech giants you might be familiar with: Google, Amazon, Comcast, T-Mobile, to name a few. In this episode, we dive into how the ioXt Alliance defines IoT and the vast differences that consequentially create notable variances in security requirements for each. Acknowledging that IoT is scaling and with scale comes increased risk, we continue the discussion about the tradeoffs such as cost, usability, longevity, and more. Turn in this week to learn how The ioXt Alliance is evolving and about how you can become involved in making the ‘Internet of Secure Things’ a priority.