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The Internet of Expensive Things - IoT in Luxury Retail


· Retail,IoT

You’ve heard about the Amazon Go Store and all the big box retailers implementing technology to transform the way we shop, but are we seeing the same advancements in the luxury sector? This week we talk to Inspify, a technology company that is ‘reinventing the art of retail in luxury boutiques’.

Thorsten Walther, CEO of Inspify, sits down with us to talk about their product: a customer experience platform as a service. Currently, their focus is creating custom experiences for luxury brands in the boutique and online for jewelry and watches. Tune in this week to catch a glimpse of Inspify’s exceptional work turning the offline to online with the creation of virtual boutiques, equipped with the ultimate live chat feature with a sales representative. Coming full circle, we learn about how Inspify are using beacons on time pieces to engage with customers as a tool to enable social sharing and immerse them into product storytelling.