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How to succeed at Asset Tracking while becoming a CTO


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This week on Mr. Beacon we talk with Cognosos, an asset tracking SAS platform using both Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) as well as Bluetooth. Jim Stratigos, Cognosos’s CTO, shares with us why LPWAN is the best choice for his automotive use case and what “drove” him to create a proprietary tech rather than using LoRa. Their solution enables dealers and auctions to have a cost-effective way of tracking vehicles in large outdoors lots by providing an essential piece of the equation, long range. In addition to range, we touch on the benefits and tradeoffs of the software and hardware architecture and business model decisions leading to SAS. We leave a little something extra at the end for those aspiring to be a CTO. Jim gives us the inside scoop from his extensive experience at Cognosos and companies like Cisco, Motorola, and AT&T.