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BlueCats: before iBeacon - UWB and Bluetooth Compared


· RTLS,Beacons,UWB,location technology

This week on Mr. Beacon we are talking to a pioneer in the beacon space, Nathan Dunn, CEO of BlueCats.

BlueCats has seen the progression of the real-time location services industry first hand, starting with Ultra Wide Band technology followed by an integration of Bluetooth beacons and then the advent of iBeacon. The value of real-time visibility was first realized in retail, focusing on how people were led to purchase decisions. BlueCat’s solutions have since spread over many verticals such as sports, industrial warehousing, and outdoor asset tracking, as well as hospitality. Backed by years of experience, Nathan discusses the challenges RTLS has faced as it evolved as well as giving us insight into what qualifies a project to be better suited for UWB or for beacons.

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