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Tailored Bluetooth Solutions – From Beacons to NB-IoT


· Beacons,NB-IoT

Headquartered near Barcelona, Accent Systems’ main business is designing and developing tailored Bluetooth enabled IoT devices, from concept to an end-to-end solution.

Accent Systems has worked with well-known brands such as Samsonite and Volkswagen, enabling them to offer unique services to their consumers through beacon technology. In this episode of Mr. Beacon, we talk to the CEO and Founder, Jordi Casamada about the evolution of the company over the past 11 years as well as the evolution in the beacon market: including his opinion on the retirement of Android’s Nearby and how it will affect the future. We also discuss an area where Accent Systems has pioneered, using Narrow Band IoT to connect Bluetooth devices directly to the IoT.

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